Abort Switch

cts egypt supplies products that will enhance the safety of your building in the Middle East. We have designed our products to satisfy the extra low voltage requirements of our customers. Our safety solutions include fire detection and notification systems, battery operated fire, smoke and gas detectors, fire rated cables, fire alarms and much more.

  • UL864 and FM listed
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Detailed indication of the status of the control panel
  • Supervised data connection
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining until release
  • Manual only and Automatic & Manual mode select keyswitch option
  • Four wire connection (data and power)
  • Protected dual action manual release switch option
  • Option for zonal fire and trouble indication with buzzer
  • Robust, high quality enclosure
  • Easy access to terminals
  • Remote Auto/Manual door interlock input (supervised)
  • Remote Abort input (supervised)
  • Internal trouble diagnosis indicator

Construction 1.2mm mild sheet steel
IP Rating IP30
Colour - lid & box Red (optional grey)
Power supply 21 to 30 V DC
Maximum current draw 0.07A
Max. number of status units 7
Quiescent current 0.033A
Cable capacity 2.5mm² per terminal
Monitored inputs end
of line resistor
6K8 0.5W Resistor
Monitored inputs
normal threshold
8K ohm to 1K ohm
Monitored inputs
trigger threshold
700 ohms to 100 ohms
Monitored inputs 99 ohms to 0 ohms
Data connection Two wire RS485 connection
(max 1200 metres)
Construction 1.2mm mild sheet steel
IP Rating IP30
Colour Red (optional grey)
Switch rating 1A at 30V DC
Trigger resist 470R 1W
End of line resistor 6K8 1/2 W


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