Fire, Gas and Extinguishant System

cts egypt supplies products that will enhance the safety of your building in the Middle East. We have designed our products to satisfy the extra low voltage requirements of our customers. Our safety solutions include fire detection and notification systems, battery operated fire, smoke and gas detectors, fire rated cables, fire alarms and much more.

 The SI-90 system has been designed to meet the heaviest functional reliability and availability requirements, particularly of the companies that operate in the field of energy production and transformation, where it shows excellent resistance to electromagnetic disturbances and a continuous operability in difficult environmental conditions. Its capacity is demonstrated by the compliance with the requirements of fault tolerance set by the International Standards IEC 61508, and thanks to this compliance, it has obtained the level SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) certified by a third party agency.

In order to achieve this results, the panel has been manufactured with some particular features:


  • Hot backup redundant CPU’s
  • Hot swap of all cards, including CPU’s, with automatic reconfiguration
  • Redundant and looped communication bus between cards and CPU’s
  • Periodical automatic testing of card inputs and outputs
  • Self-diagnostics and signalling of card and CPU fault
  • Automatic safety disabling of malfunctioning cards
  • The cards of interface with devices can be redundant


Safety Integrity Level (SIL2): is a measure of the reliability of a system to be in operation when a maximum risk and fault are analysed based on no of floors, occupancy and in accordance to the guide lines set by the Engineer or the Authority having Jurisdiction to maximize the reliability and efficiency of Life Safety, that’s where you will need a SIL2 rated panel.

Why SIL2 supersedes the Normal Addressable Fire Alarm Panel?

  • Redundancy: CPU, I/O cards, Power Supply and Display available on the panel to ensure the continuous operation incase of one or more failures.
  • Hot–swap: CPU, I/O cards, Power Supply and Display can be replaced without switching off the panel, thus maintaining system security and safety functionality.
  • Extreme reduction of false alarms below acceptable levels out of 100 signals there is a possibility for only one fault.
  • High level of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) for the software and hardware of the system.
  • High tolerance and stability over electromagnetic noise.

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