Manual Call Point

cts egypt supplies products that will enhance the safety of your building in the Middle East. We have designed our products to satisfy the extra low voltage requirements of our customers. Our safety solutions include fire detection and notification systems, battery operated fire, smoke and gas detectors, fire rated cables, fire alarms and much more.

Connecting to the loop of SHIELD fire alarm system, BG-I450F Digital Manual Call Point (the MCP) is suitable for public places. When there is fire, pressing the action plate on the MCP can send the alarm signal to fire alarm control panel. After receiving the signal, the control panel will show address information of the MCP and generate alarm sound.


    • Electronically addressed. The address can be modified in field.
    • Alarming by pressing. Reset by a special key.
    • Plug-in structure.
    • Designed to comply with EN 54-11.



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