Fire Fighting Water Storage

Fire Fighting Water Storage

Infrastructure and industrial projects are the market driving sectors which are responsible for the overall development of any country. These Sectors ensure production of goods, better means of livelihood and the possibility of a variety of things available in the market for human use and has made our lives easy. One of the Major Resource of these Project is Water and for ensuring its regular use Project owners install huge capacity of storage units which are called as Storage Tanks.


As every project involves human employment, the safety of the premises is a major concern and hence use of Fire Protection System now is mandatory in every building/project.


Fire Protection system involves implementing Fire Water storage tanks. being the Pioneers of Prefabricated bolted Tanks technology, at present manufacturers and supplies Fire water tanks with 4000+ fire water tanks installations worldwide.


Rostfrei Steels manufacture and supplies 2 types of Firewater tanks in Prefabricated Bolted tanks technology-Zincalume Bolted tanks with Reinforced PVC Liner Inside.


FM-Approved Glass fused steel tanks with PVC Liner Inside.

Glass Fused Steel tanks with sealant.


Rostfrei Being Asia 1st Tank Manufacturers being FM-4020 approved and offers capacity ranges from 10 KL to 12,500 KL in all of the above 3 options.


As per space availability and client demands we design liquid storage tanks which ensure water flow either through gravity or through pumps and ensure Water accessibility till the last drop stored inside the tank.


GLS tanks are Glass Lined Steel tanks, also known as Glass-Fused-to-steel tanks (GFS Tanks). The reason for fusing glass with steel is to enhance the properties of the latter. Single Steel is vulnerable to environmental conditions, hence the fusion is required. After fusing the steel with glass, the strength increases, the acceptable bracket of PH value for alkaline solutions widens, and the resistance of abrasion inflates.

We also offer Glass fused to steel tanks as per the RTP technology and fire protection water storage tanks which meets FM Global & other industry standards.

Process and Technology

The Glass Fused to Steel tank panels is lined inside and outside with the glass enamel. The enamel is a solid, smooth and shiny cover of silicate. It is fused in a special furnace having temperature ranges from 780 to 900 degree Celsius. The Steel rounded (cylinder) shell of the tank is built from two-layer glass-fused sheet coated on both the sides. The sheets are attached with special high-grade bolts and sealed by constantly flexible silicones (sealants). The connecting material and shell accessories are equipped with surface treatment. The glass-fused tanks can be used to store fluid or lose material. The specialty of these tanks is that they are FM Global approved & can be used as an industrial water storage tank. The GFS/GLS tanks are also a fundamental building element of environmental technological facilities such as Waste Water Treatment, Fire fighting Water storage and Anaerobic Digester Tank.

Quality Assurance and Standards

Every sheet is checked in the manufacturer’s plant for the enamel layer completeness by using the POROSCOPE (DEZ 4.13) and PINHOLE (DEZ 4.12) test according to DIN ISO 2746. The chemical resistance and physical properties are also tested according to DIN and they comply with the highest quality requirements according to the methodology by the German Enameller’s Association (DEZ). Other than that our FM Global approved tanks are best for industrial usage.

Glass coated sheets can be delivered in four standard colors; Green (RAL 6009), Brown (RAL 8017), White (RAL 9000), and Blue (RAL 5013).

Application Options

Loose Material Fluid Agriculture Others
Limestone Potable/ Drinking Water Cereals Tanks for WWTPs
Cement Waste Water Grains Tanks for Biogas stations
Fly-Ash Fire Water Liquid Manure Gasholder
Wood Waste Desalted Water Dung Water Fermenters
Sand & Gravels Brine Liquid Fertilizers Soot
Granules Oil Silage Salt


Characteristics of Rostfrei Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks

Glass Lined Steel Tanks serve for more than 40 years.

Abrasion and Chemical resistance is quite high.

Construction methodology is very quick and safe.

A pre-built GLS tank is easily relocatable.

Ecologically safe.

FM Global Approved

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