Composite And Special Hoses Industrial Supplies

CTS is also specialized in equipment for different industries worldwide. Our wide product range can be provided in every possible type of material, dimension or quantity. CTS is your partner in industrial supplies who cares for your business. Therefore, we not only supply equipment but also quality, diversity, experience, reliability, and convenience.

Hoses will always be catering for an important part of liquid, gas and solids transfer operations. Through its relationships with several global leaders in manufacturing these products, CTS is able to support your requirements for both composite hoses and special cargo tranfer hoses. All supplied hoses will be meeting relevant standards as BS, DIN, USCG, Ghost, IMO and other standards applicable.


Vapourmaster composite hose for vapour service

Vapourmaster composite hoses are specifically designed for chemicals as well as for hydrocarbon vapour recovery service on ships, barges and in marine terminals. It can also be used to recover vapours in tank truck and railcar applications.


Cryomaster composite hose for refrigerated conveyants

Cryomaster composite hoses are designed specifically for use with fully refrigerated conveyants with temperatures down to -50°C on ships, barges and in marine terminals. This application is including the following media: Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Butadiene, Butane, Propane, Butylenes, Dimethylamide, Ethylamine, Ethyl Chloride, Methyl Acetylene, Methyl Bromide Propane, Propadiene, Propylene, Vinyl Chloride, and Refrigerant Gases.


The Cryomaster hose is also suitable for: Liquid Ethylene at -105°C, Liquid Ethane at -88°C.


Chemmaster composite hose for chemicals and solvents

Chemmaster composite hoses are designed for those aggressive chemicals and acids which will not be affected by the PTFE lining an the stainless steel inner wire. The hose is extensively used in terminal applications where frequently aggressive solvents and hydrocarbons are transferred. As the hose is built around a virgin PTFE lining supported by a stainless steel 316 inner helix it can deal with virtually all products handled at tank terminals and (petro)chemical facillities.


CTX stainless steel hoses

Stainless steel hoses are typically used under the most challenging circumstances. These include applications as cryogenic temperatures, high temperatures, frequent vibrations or movements, transfer of gases, chemicals, solvents, aggressive hydrocarbons and many other challenging services. In process plants where fire safety is a concern for hose assemblies, stainless steel hoses are the preferred choice as well.

Depending on the application, required working pressure and conditions of operation, a single or double layer of wire braid can be applied externally to the annularly corrugated hose tube to restrain it. This will further increase its ability to withstand pressure, increase hoop strength and protect the hose tube from abrasion. The extent of braiding, gauge and angle of lay is calculated carefully to maximise CTX hose performance.


Terminalmaster composite hose for hydrocarbons

CTS Terminalmaster hoses are designed for conveying hydrocarbons, solvents, aromatics, etcetera. There are three different types, depending on pressure and application, as follows:

Light duty (operating pressure maximum 7 bar)

Medium duty (operating pressure maximum 10 bar)

Heavy duty (operating pressure maximum 14 bar)

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