Hose Couplings Industrial Supplies

CTS is also specialized in equipment for different industries worldwide. Our wide product range can be provided in every possible type of material, dimension or quantity. CTS is your partner in industrial supplies who cares for your business. Therefore, we not only supply equipment but also quality, diversity, experience, reliability, and convenience.

Emergency release couplers (ER-couplers)

For safe transfer of all your hazardous and non-hazardous products. The Emergency Release Coupler (Cable release series) is designed specifically to minimize spillage and damage associated with drive away and pull away incidents. The ER-Coupler automatically senses an excessive load, closes its valves and then permits disconnection. The safety break-away valve consists of two connecting parts, each with a valve that has a flat type-sealing surface similar to a dry disconnect coupling. When the ER-Couplings separate, it allows the valves to close. The two valves close rapidly, minimizing product exposure for personnel and the environment.

CTS Dry Break Couplers

Dry break couplers are extensively used in situation where frequently hose connections are connected and disconnected and spilling the medium has to be reduced to an absolute minimum. This is definitely the case when transferring hydrocarbons, chemicals, solvents and other hazardous liquids or gases. Using CTC dry break couplers prevents product spills, reducing expensive product loss and preventing expensive clean up.

Also the hazardous impact on workers and the environment is significantly reduced. The couplers are designed to enable connecting and disconnecting hoses and pipelines quickly and without spillage. Typical applications include tanker top and bottom loading, rail car transfer operations, loading arms, ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore transfer, refuelling operations, blending pits, bunkering and many other applications in the safe and effective transfer of bulk materials.

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