Pressure Reducing Landing Valve

Valves & Risers

cts egypt is the leading supplier of UL certified valves and risers in Middle East

cts egypt pressure reducing oblique landing valves are suitable for installation on wet risers in buildings for fire fighting purposes, permanently charged with water from a pressurised supply.

These landing valves are pressure reducing type designed to provide a range of outlet pressure (4 bar -12 bar).

The Landing valves are classified under high pressure and are suitable for use at nominal inlet pressure up to 20 bar.


  • BSI Kitemark approved
  • Body material made of copper alloy to EN 1982
  • Hand wheel material made of grey cast iron to BS EN 1561
  • Blank cap material made of copper alloy to EN 1982
  • Possible to replace the gland seal when under pressure with the valve fully closed
  • Disc facing rubber are of replaceable type
  • Valves are provided with a strap and pad lock so that the hand wheel can be secured to counter unauthorized use
  • The hand wheel are BLACK painted and body to RED

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