Wastewater Domes Aluminium Domes For Wastewater Applications

CTS Aluminium geodesic dome roofs Aluminum dome roofs have developed into a frequently used roof system for covering large areas. Domes are used for covering storage tanks, bulk storage facilities, waste water facilities and for aesthetical architectural projects. Aluminum dome roofs are lightweight, strong, therefore all aluminium geodesic dome structures can create breathtaking possibilities. CTS has an extensive track record with providing aluminium geodesic domes in the petrochemical bulk storage industry.

Suitable for covering wastewater

Apart from being fitted on storage tanks, aluminium domes have extensively been installed on waste water facilities. Not only to reduce odours at these facilities but also to cover the process from the elements. Both the aluminium as well as the stainless steel grades used have proven themselves excellently suitable for the aggressive environment in waste water treatment facilities, even able to deal with the high sulphur concentrations present in these applications.

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