Anaerobic Digestor Tank

Anaerobic Digestor Tank

Detailed Product Description

Volume Range: From 100 M3 To 20,000 M3 Lifespan: More Than 30 Years
Coating Thickness: 0.35 Mm Coating Color: Customized
Roof Type: Glass Steel Roof, Membrane Roof, Aluminum Roof,  Design According To: AWWA D 103 , 
Tank Color: Customized Tank Material: Glass Coated Steel Sheets


Anaerobic digesters are air-tight tanks with different configurations. An Anaerobic Digestor tank is a liquid storage tank that is used for digestion of stored complex Slurry/Wastewater into simpler compounds and in turn, releases gases which are then either used as fuel or are exposed to the environment under permissible limits. Complex slurry/sludge/wastewater includes Blackwater, Greywater, Brownwater which includes Sewage, farm wastes, food waste, human waste, municipal waste, industrial waste, etc. are used as waste whose digestion takes place.

There are two key processes: mesophilic and thermophilic digestion which are used for digestion and are dependent on temperature

Mesophilic digestion takes place optimally around 30 to 38 °C or at ambient temperatures between 20 and 45 °C, where mesophiles are the primary microorganism present. 

Thermophilic digestion takes place optimally around 49 to 57 °C or at elevated temperatures up to 70 °C, where thermophiles are the primary microorganisms present.


The microorganisms in the sludge layer degrade organic compounds. As a result of the above process, gases (methane and carbon dioxide) are released. The most common type of Digestor tanks used in Industry is UASB tanks.

Glass fused to Steel tanks are extensively used in Digestor tanks Applications in Agricultural sectors and ETP Plants and we provide Turnkey Solution of Manufacturing and Installation Digestor tanks including Gas Collection Roofs, arrangements for installing Heat Exchangers inside the tanks.

Use of Glass fused Steel tanks in Digestor tanks have many advantages over conventional tanks and are listed as below:

 Accessibility to install multiple accessories like heat exchangers, agitators, tank insulation, etc.

 Construction time reduction from a year in conventional tanks to several months in Glass fused tanks.

 No Reaction with the Tank walls.

 Less Maintenance in comparison with conventional tanks.


 Accessories modification as per requirement.

Anaerobic digester is widely used as a source in renewable energy . Almost all of the organic waste can use anaerobic digester , like the domestic waste , industry waste , animal waste ect . These wastes can be highly untilize , conver the waste to the green renewable energy .


The digester tank react in a anaerobic environment,so it need to be do it in a sealed tank . During the reaction , the double membrane roof require to use , which can help the reaction become more perfect . In the process which will generate the biogas , including methane , carbon dioxide,sulfer dioxide . The biogas can be utilized as a fuel directly , or conver it into electricity .


At the end of this process,the organic material can be used as the fertilizer,it can be use in the farm,which is the potential weath.So for the anaerobic digester,it is not only greatly improving the quality of environment,but also it turing waste to treasure. Our glass fused to steel tank can help you save a lot,turn the waste to your treasure.
Advantage :


Short construction period : we install tank with jack and assemble the steel sheet with bolts and sealant one by one , it is fast and easy to do it .

Superior corrosion resistance , service life is more than 30 years : The PH of the steel sheet from 3 – 11 , special steel sheet from 1 -14. Have great corrosion resistantance .

Low project cost : Once the tank is installed , the maintance  cost is low and easy and convenient to clean , the manhole will be designed to help cleaning . Comparing with traditional tanks , the glass fused to steel tank is in lower cost .

Tank volume can be easily expanded : If it is specified before the tank manufacturing that a future expansion is needed, engineer will make the structure suitable for future enlarged capacity. It can be realized by simply adding another rings

Beautiful appearance, color can be customized : The tank looks glossy , smooth , and the color can be in white , dark blue , cobalt blue , forest green , sky blue  or customized color .

Not subject to weather conditions , Glass fused steel tank is not subjected to environmental and weather. It can be erected at remote places like desert and extremely cold places.

No need big installation equipment ,which is different with traditional tank such as concrete tank .

Easily expand , dismantle , move : It is the bolted tank , there is no need large equipement to install and it is easy to dismantle and move .





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