Drainhoses For External Floating Roof Tanks

Rainwater draining from external floating roofs is of great importance to secure integrity of the floating roof. CTS offers several types of reliable roof drain systems for external floating roofs. These drain systems include conventional pipe drain systems, roof hose drains, flexible pipe drains with a repeatable lay pattern and a combination of both a hose and a rigid pipe system in our Drainmaster designed system. Some of these systems can be designed to deliver fire-fighting foam to a floating roof tank as well.

CTS offers a wide range of drainhoses for any configuration.

Draining rain water from an external floating roof is important to make sure the external floating roof will not built up too much water on top, which could even cause sinking of the roof. CTS has developed an excellent solution by introducing tank drain hoses for this application. The major advantage of a hose is that it does have a minimum number of connections, therefore eliminating much of the potential problems with other drain systems. As the CTS drain hose is a complete system, including the connections, the lead ballast cable and the suspension system it is easily installed by a (contractor) crew. Each hose is individually tested prior to shipment, to ensure its performance. As a result of the flexible nature of the drain hose, it will even be able to deal with frozen rain water inside.

suitable for 100% aromatics,

no vulnerable swivels,

will tolerate rain water freezing inside,

continuous slope,

no trapping of liquids,

fast and easy installation,

can be equipped with spark-free flanges,

fast delivery,

pressure tested and certified before shipping and after installation,

if required.

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