Drainmasters For External Floating Roof Tanks

Rainwater draining from external floating roofs is of great importance to secure integrity of the floating roof. CTS offers several types of reliable roof drain systems for external floating roofs. These drain systems include conventional pipe drain systems, roof hose drains, flexible pipe drains with a repeatable lay pattern and a combination of both a hose and a rigid pipe system in our Drainmaster designed system. Some of these systems can be designed to deliver fire-fighting foam to a floating roof tank as well.

CTS offers various sizes and custom design drainmasters for any configuration.

Draining the water from any external floating roof is a key issue in the safety and integrity of the external floating roof tank. A well functioning drain system will drain all water on the roof and will not build up any sediment inside. The submerged service of the seal provides an extra challenge for any drain design. The CTS Drainmaster system is the best way to deal with this challenge. Consisting of a reinforced hose, fitted in a metallic pivoting joint it is the ideal long-lasting solution for this application. Using our Drainmaster system will provide a slope throughout the drain system, which prevents sediments to fill up the drain. The drainmaster can be supplied in 3", 4" 6", 8", 10" and 12".

maintenance free,

service live in excess of 15 years,

easy installation,

suitable for 100% aromatics,

no interference with objects in the tank or roof legs,

no sediment built up as the arrangement has a continuous slope,

no tank modifications required,

suitable for use as foam delivery system,

light weight compared to conventional swivels,

no abrasion to either tank floor or covering layer,

no swivel joints or other connections that require maintenance,

no lateral forces on floating roof,

fixed maximum angle.

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