Floating Suction Lines Within Storage Tanks

Rainwater draining from external floating roofs is of great importance to secure integrity of the floating roof. CTS offers several types of reliable roof drain systems for external floating roofs. These drain systems include conventional pipe drain systems, roof hose drains, flexible pipe drains with a repeatable lay pattern and a combination of both a hose and a rigid pipe system in our Drainmaster designed system. Some of these systems can be designed to deliver fire-fighting foam to a floating roof tank as well.

CTS supplies a complete range of floating suction units

Floating suctions systems are used within the storage tanks for petroleum and aviation fuels. Suspended by the surface of the liquid, the inlet to the pump is located int he clean dense product regardless of the constantly changing liquid level. For tanks with floating roofs, large bore roof skimmers move with the roof to drain away unwanted liquid. CTS supplies a complete range of floating suction units from 2" to 30", designed for horizontal and vertical tanks, accommodating fixed and floating roof tanks. Used materials include aluminium, carbon steel an stainless steel.

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