Integral Foam Dams For Concentrating Fire Fighting Foam In The Seal Area

CTS Tank seals for internal floating roofs and external floating roofs One of the most important aspects in controlling the emissions from external floating roof tanks is the seal design. A seal for any external floating roof will have to withstand the usually harsh environmental conditions at the tank farm and the stored product over long periond of time. Any defect in a seal may result in environmental damage from emissions, product loss and product contamination. In extreme cases a malfunctioning seal may even cause fire hazards. CTS has extensive experience in design and installation of these tank seals for external floating roof tanks. We design every seal individually for the tank it has to be fitted on. This wil result in a truly custom built seal, that wil be compatible with all specific conditions. Our tank seals are engineered to last!

CTS Integral Foam Dam Foam Dams

are installed on both external floating roofs and internal floating roofs to concentrate fire fighting foam in the tank seal area in the case of a fire, which typically should occur at this area. The common design for a foam dam is a welded construction in the rim area of the roof. There are several disadvantages to welding a foam dam. The CTS integral foam dam fitted to the rim angle of the floating roof will eliminate these disadvantages and offers significant benefits. CTS integral foam dams are bolted directly to the rim angle and the base of a secondary tank seal. Being modular of design and extensively tested, it can be installed in less time. All CTS integral foam dams are engineered to match the tank and tank seal involved. Materials can either be galvanised steel or stainless steel, where the latter is obviously the longer lasting alternative. Delivery will include an as-built drawing for the integral foam dam as well.

maintenance free, no need for any (future) blasting or painting,

extensively tested, can be installed on storage tanks in service, reducing foam consumption considerably (in most cases less than 50% foam would be required compared to traditional welded foam dams), allows fast accumulation of foam, adaptable to both horizontal and vertical rim angles, can be manufactured in stainless steel, for a truly maintenance free foam dam, expected service life in excess of 20 years, designed for each specific tank and seal arrangement, easy installation, full installation manuals and project support available, complies with all relevant API standards, successfully used globally by many major oil and tank storage companies, reducing corrosion of rim angles (typically as a result of water being trapped between the seal and the steel foam dam),

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