Leg Seals For External Floating Roof Tanks

CTS Tank seals for internal floating roofs and external floating roofs One of the most important aspects in controlling the emissions from external floating roof tanks is the seal design. A seal for any external floating roof will have to withstand the usually harsh environmental conditions at the tank farm and the stored product over long periond of time. Any defect in a seal may result in environmental damage from emissions, product loss and product contamination. In extreme cases a malfunctioning seal may even cause fire hazards. CTS has extensive experience in design and installation of these tank seals for external floating roof tanks. We design every seal individually for the tank it has to be fitted on. This wil result in a truly custom built seal, that wil be compatible with all specific conditions. Our tank seals are engineered to last!

Reduce Emissions From Roof Legs

The leg seal is used on open-top storage tanks, often in situations where mixers are used. It reduces emissions from roof legs considerably, nowadays developing into a standard for tanks storing volatile hydrocarbons. It also ensures that the support legs remain operational by preventing rainwater ingress. The locking pin is completely surrounded by the leg seal, preventing the support legs from dropping down as a result of pin displacement caused by mixer vibrations.

The leg seal consists of two circular parts, manufactured from flexible material, when combined surrounding the support leg and a part of the leg sleeve. The contact surfaces of both parts fit together with tongue and groove connections; the cylindrical surfaces have a sealing profile on the inside. Stainless steel hose clamps connect both individual parts against one another and around the support leg and the leg sleeve. For gastight seals pin hole plugs can be included.

The leg seal is easy to install and easily removed in order to either pull or push the legs to another position, subject to operational requirements for the tank involved.

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